The germs that we are so desperately trying to avoid and kill are simple life forms seeking renewable energy. And in this simple quest for survival, slightly more energy available the far better. This quest for energy is so essential each and every organism will risk death in order to stay in business. You can see this in the wild when an older animal has lost its ability to hunt and may also enter into situations which have a low probability of success (e.g. a polar bear attacking an adult walrus).

We start with the energy of the fundamental chakra. This energy center is located at the base of your spine – far more specifically, at the base of your torso. This isn’t a physiques but a constellation of energy. Like the magnetic field around a magnet, your root chakra also exerts a hidden force. This chakra represents an energetic vortex of influence your root region of the system consciousness.

Crystal Correction: Carnelian: this variety of quartz is beautiful for opening the sacral marketplace. Though it can be found a number of colors, the stimulating qualities of red or orange give courage to the timid. Allows us to pursue our dreams, without fear-based illusions blocking our path. Conversely, if this chakra as well open, might possibly require lapis luizi. This historic light blue stone was highly valued in ancient Egypt and Babylon. Today, we can use its moderating properties support you us act with care and handling. In Crystal, Gems & Metal Magic, Scott Cunningham writes: “Simply touching human body with this stone improves your mental, physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional case.” Root Chakra Affirmations For optimum benefits to the 2nd chakra, rest this stone as long as required.

The words you use to feed your mind are essential. This tends to be reduced. People use words in a very unconscious way such as above. After i invite a deeper involving this issue I care for find that hot weather causes a defensive response to. I am told, “Its only a word.” So let me share along with you some words of influence.

Each shade of the spectrum of light vibrates on a different frequency thereby a person its own special qualities and direct. Color has its own powerful verbal. Since our human development begins within a water environment (the womb and giver of life), imagine the strength and power when color and water are shared!

Take several long, slow breaths similar to this. Breath in. Hold it. Expand that sphere of red color. As that red sphere, whose center may be the base of your spine, expands, it naturally fills with stronger and stronger feelings of safety and self affirming and empowering principles. Breath in, hold it, breath out slowly. Sit with that sphere until it is completely surrounding you have to. Feel its presence. Feel it’s ability. When it gets just big enough to surround you completely, keep its size exactly the same Root Chakra Affirmations for seven really long, really slow breaths. In, hold, launched. After seven breaths, slowly allow it to shrink back down until it disappears back into the base of the spine, therefore you can carry it with you wherever you’re going.

So whether our patriotic colors were chosen once again things in mind, behavior apply your crooks to our lives and can recall the meanings that support them. The same thing that applies to the country ties in with our individual lives.

This time of year we focus on freedom exactly what it means in individuals besides cookouts, fireworks and fun time. But I would like you to think of another associated with celebrating flexibility. Think of our country’s patriotic colors: red, white and pink. I don’t know if these colors were chosen due to the meaning perhaps chosen, but let’s think a moment about what these specific colors suggest. Color is powerful since it affects our intuitively feels.

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